Vapers Delight with USB Charger

Vapers Delight with USB Charger

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Vapers Delight VV Touch Battery - 350mah Essential

New essential oil battery by Vapers Delight with variable voltage button in the stylus on the bottom of the pen.


350mah for longer lasting vaping
Screw 510 thread tank onto battery and inhale to vape. Please ensure your unit is turned on.

  • Press the stylus tip rapidly 5 times to turn battery on or off.

  • Once the battery is on, press the tip rapidly twice, it will pre-heat for 10 seconds.

  • Users can stop pre-heating by one press.

  • Press the tip three times quickly to change the output voltage: Blue LED = 3.5V, green = 3.7V, yellow = 3.9V, red = 4.1V

  • The stylus tip is only used to preheat and adjust the voltage output. Users do not need to press the stylus tip to vape.

  • When the battery is on low power and needs to be charged, the LED light will blink 10 times and stop working.

  • Maximum working time per puff is 10 seconds.
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